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Wine and Hop Shop has Moved to 1919 Monroe Street

We have big news! The Wine and Hop Shop has moved. Now don't panic (because we know everyone is right now), it's a very small move. We now live at 1919 Monroe Street, just on the other side of Brasserie V.

1919 Monroe is a larger space, allowing us to do some things we've been wanting to do, like have a separate grain room. And, very importantly, it's a shorter walk to Brasserie V, so it's easier to stop in and have a pint after shopping for your homebrew supplies :)

There is still the same on-street parking, and we will have 2 stalls in the alley behind the Shop that are reserved for Wine and Hop Shop customers (our side of the alley only). The alley is between Madison and Monroe Streets and can be reached from both Harrison and Van Buren Streets.