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Taste of Home(brew) - Homebrew Fest Sunday, July 28

Join the Wine and Hop Shop and your fellow homebrewers for a taste of home(brew) on Sunday, July 28th, from 12pm to 4pm. 

We're inviting homebrewers to bring some of their delicious beer that they've poured (pun intended) their heart and soul into and share it. Basically, we're putting on a beer festival (Great Taste of the Midwest style), but with homebrew. 

We'll be holding this either at a city park shelter or the Wine and Hop Shop, more details to come there. It'll be free to attend and we're hoping to raise some money for a good cause.

We'll be grilling brats and will make it a fun time. 

Interested in pouring your beer? Contact us! We'll have some sort of stipend for brewers who bring beer. 

Lots of details coming, but we wanted to get this on the calendar so you can brew that perfect beer to show off!