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Hoptoberfest 2018 Homebrew Contest

Thanks to everyone who was a part of yet another successful Hoptoberfest. Lots of fun was had, some great beer was consumed, and over $600 was raised for the Goodman Community Center Food Pantry.

Here are the winners for this year, congrats to you all!

American Pale Ale
1. Peter Schroder
2. Adam Joyce
3. Gary Lockwood

India Pale Ale
1. Dustin Smith
2. Michael Maas
3. Jonathan Hibbs

Hazy IPA
1. Cobb Vickers
2. Jonah Levia
3. Pat Fait

Imperial IPA
1. Tom Miller-Bishoff
2. Greg Vander Velden
3. Don Chell

Beyond the Pale
1. John Nicholson
2. Logan Cisewski
3. Becky Schroder

Vox Populi
Cobb Vickers, Hazy IPA (watch for his beer at Working Draft Beer Co)

Best in Show
Dustin Smith, IPA (watch for his beer at One Barrel Brewing)

Thanks again to our generous sponsors, including Vintage Brewing, Viking Brewpub, Hop Haus, Great Dane Pub, Brasserie V, Old Sugar Distillery, Briess Brewing, Wyeast Laboratories, Tenacious Badger Hops, Omega Yeast, Rockhound Brewing, Karben4 Brewing, Parched Eagle, Giant Jones, MHTG, One Barrel Brewing, and Working Draft Brewing Co.