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Grape Vine - St. Croix


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Hardy to around -26F or better. Drooping growth habit is best suited to top wire cordon. Very susceptible to downy mildew. A very reliable grape in the Northeast and Midwest. A yield of 4 tons per acre can be had in colder parts of New England and the upper Midwest, while closer to 8 tons per acre is being realized in southern New England and the Finger Lakes of NY, among other milder locations. Many excellent wines have been made from St. Croix. When harvested between 16-18 brix, it is quite vinifera-like with low tannin and aromas of raspberry, cedar and spice. If left to ripen further, labrusca notes will develop, which can make a nice sweet wine. An excellent lower acid and lower sugar blending agent for other high sugar varieties like Frontenac and Marquette. Ripens early season.

These St Croix vines must be pre-ordered and pre-paid by Thursday, February 29th. We should start getting the vines in early May.