Yeast Bay WLP4021 Saison Blend II Liquid Yeast


The Yeast Bay WLP4021 Saison Blend II is the Saccharomyces portion of the Farmhouse Sour Ale, available to you as a result of popular demand from the commercial brewing crowd. This combination of Saccharomyces strains embodies the balanced fusion of the two foremost saison flavor/aroma characters, fruitiness and earthiness.

Each Saccharomyces strain in this blend produces flavor compounds that serve as the yin to the other's yang, and the result is an exceptionally complex yet balanced flavor and aroma profile. One strain will serve to create an ester profile of grapefruit and orange zest, while the other will produce a mild earthiness and spiciness.

Close your eyes while drinking a beer fermented with this blend, and you'll feel like you're laying on freshly turned earth in an old citrus grove.

Temperature: 68-80 ºF
Attenuation: 80 - 86%
Flocculation: Medium

We send out liquid yeast at the beginning of the week and include cold packs during warm months to ensure freshness.