Wyeast 5223-PC Lactobacillus Brevis


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Beer Styles: Berliner Weisse, Geuze, Flemish Red & Brown Ales, American Sour Ales
Profile: Unlike most lactic acid bacteria used in brewing, Wyeast 5223-PC Lactobacillus Brevis will tolerate higher levels of IBUs in wort. 5223 will produce alcohol along with lactic acid during fermentation. Excellent for remixing the profile in a Lambic-style or Flanders sour ale, or for kettle souring wort for a balanced Berliner Weisse. 
Alc. Tolerance           9% ABV
Flocculation              n/a
Attenuation               n/a

Temp. Range             60-95°F (16-35°C)

We ship out our yeast at the beginning of the week and include a cold pack during warm months to ensure freshness.

This strain is available April through June 2019 and only while supplies last!

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