Apricot Fruit Wine Base 96 oz Tin (Vintner's Harvest)


This Vintner's Harvest apricot fruit base is simply apricot fruit packed in its natural juices. Making wine with them is much like processing fresh fruit in that the winemaker needs to crush and press the fruits. Packed in a 96 oz can, this will make a three to five gallon yield with the recipes supplied on the label.

If you prefer a fruitier wine, we recommend either making the 3 gallon recipe on the tin or adding more apricots, apricot puree or apricot flavorings to the mix.

Another great way to get fruit flavor into your homebrew, cider, mead, and wine is by using fruit flavorings.

Instructions are on the tin for what else to add (usually pectic enzyme, campden tablets, yeast nutrient, wine tannin, acid blend, wine yeast, and if you want it to be sweet, potassium sorbate).

This would be a great addition to beer as well to really pack an apricot punch!