Refrigerator Conversion Kit - Commercial Kegs


Looking to convert a refrigerator into a kegerator and serve commercial kegs? This kit has everything that you'll need, minus the refrigerator and your favorite keg of beer!

The kit comes with the following:

  • American Sanke tap
  • Drip tray
  • Necessary tubing
  • Spanner wrench
  • Faucet brush
  • 2 gauge regulator

Then, select whether you want a brand new 5 lb aluminum CO2 tank, refurbished 5 lb steel CO2 tank, or no CO2 tank at all. Have it your way!

Once you have your kit, all you have to do is get your CO2 tank filled (click here to see where to get tanks filled in Madison), get a keg of beer, and start drinking your favorite commercial beer!

And don't forget that we can help you out with any setup issues or questions you may have, just stop in, e-mail, or call us! And check out our knowledge base to find information on kegging and other homebrewing topics!