Italian Piedmont Nebbiolo Wine Kit W/Skins 14L (Winexpert Private Reserve)


Piedmont Nebbiolo is the undisputed champion of Italian red wines. Medium-heavy in body with a luminous dark cherry color. Burly, assertive, intense and complex with robust dryness in the finish. 

This kit includes the grape skins. Fermenting on the skins in the primary fermenter will give the wine more color, tannin, and depth of flavor overall.

While the Winexpert Private Reserve (formerly Eclipse) series kits are more expensive, we feel that you will taste the difference. They come both from a specific region and with more concentrate, lending to more depth and complexity.

These kits come with everything you'll need to make a great wine in 8 weeks, including 14L juice concentrate, the yeast, preservatives, clarifiers, and if called for, oak. This kit also includes grape skins.

This Italian Piedmont Nebbiolo with Grape Skins wine concentrate kit makes 6 gallons (~30 750mL bottles) of delicious wine.

We don't always have all of our wine concentrate kits in stock. If you would like one that we don't have in the Shop, we will order it for you. Just give us an extra week or so for delivery.