L Lactic Acid Testing Kit - Pack of 5 (Accuvin)


Test kits from Accuvin are easy to use, and easy to read. Everything is included with the kits.

Follow the easy, illustrated instructions, compare color of test strip or test tube with color chart for test result, then throw away used items. When all tests are used, throw the kit away!

The L-Lactic Acid Kit is intended for measuring the L-lactic acid in wines to ensure that malolactic fermentation has begun. It is not always easy to determine if the appearance of bubbles following primary fermentation is the onset of actual MLF or merely a wine "outgassing" as it warms. The product, with a test range of 10 - 400 mg/L, can also be used to screen for high levels of contamination by lactic acid bacteria.

The L-Lactic Acid Test Kit includes 5 tests in a black barrier tube with a color chart label, 5 samplers, and illustrated complete how-to-run test instructions. The insert includes a Summary Interpretation explaining how to use the test results. A monitoring chart is included. The label with the color chart is on the front of the kit.