Kegerator - 2 taps - Used (Summit Brand)


This Summit 2 tap kegerator is the perfect addition to any serious homebrewer or craft beer aficionado's house. This larger than average kegerator can fit two half-barrels or four corny kegs in it, with room to spare for the 5 lb co2 tank. 

This stylish, gently used kegerator comes with the following features:

  • Stainless steel walls, guaranteeing a longer life
  • Polished chrome 2-faucet draft tower, complete with faucets and handles
  • Brand new tap lines
  • 2 Sankey couplers, so you can serve commercial craft beer
  • 2 sets of cornelius disconnects, so you can serve beer out of homebrew kegs
  • 5# co2 tank
  • Co2 regulator
  • Necessary gas line and splitter so you can serve 2 beers at once

Besides the beer, this is everything you will need to make every night a party night at your house. This kegerator setup new would sell for $1200 easy!

This is an in-store pickup item only.