Blichmann TopTier Brewing Stand


The TopTier Brewing Stand from Blichmann Engineering offers t
  • he ultimate in brewing flexibility!:
    • Fits any manufacturer's pots and kegs up to 21” in diameter and up to 30 gallons so you can reuse your existing equipment.
    • Mix and match burners or shelves for each tier to suit your brewing process. (Purchased separately).
    • Burners / shelves are infinitely adjustable on the T-slot mounting post and can be installed on all four faces of the stand.
    • Heavy-gauge, powder-coated steel legs and high-strength aluminum mast with T-slot mounting system.
    • Heavy-gauge, stainless-steel burner frame never rusts, and there are no nasty paint-burning fumes.
    • Stainless-steel shelf fits 10-gallon round coolers and most rectangular coolers.
    • You can easily mount ancillary equipment to the T-slots in the frame for convenience.
    • Quickly knocks down for storage or transport.
    • Specs: 

      Maximum capacity per shelf tier: 125 lbs.

      Maximum capacity per burner tier: 250 lbs.

      Maximum capacity per utility shelf: 50 lbs.

      Lowest height of bottom tier: 19" (use enough elevation to drain into a carboy)

      Maximum height of upper tier (bottom of pot): 72" 

    Please note that this item is special order only, so please allow an additional week for delivery.