Blichmann Fermenator Conical Fermenter


The Fermenator™ from Blichmann Engineering is the only weld-free interior conical fermentor on the market! Everything that touches your beer is heavy-gauge stainless steel or FDA-approved silicone. And the Fermenator's™ surface where the fittings penetrate are smooth, with no weld "ripples," so it's easy to clean and sanitize. Our optimized design, identical to hydraulic systems under thousands of PSI, is also guaranteed to be 100% leak-free. Even the lid seal can be fully immersed under pressure! Yes, weld-free fittings come at a higher price than welded fittings, but you also get the peace of mind that comes with clean, bacteria-free beer.


  • Easy-to-Clean Weld-Free Fittings
  • Rotating Racking Arm
  • Lid Hatch
  • Bolted Leg System
  • Pressure-Capable Stainless Lid
  • and more!

These conical fermentors ship directly from the manufacturer, please allow an extra week for delivery.