Australian Grenache/Shiraz/Mouvedre Wine Kit with Grape Skins (Winexpert World Vineyard)


The three grapes work together to each deliver the unique components of the wine. Grenache offers up warmth and fruitiness; Shiraz contributes full-bodied black fruits, pepper and tannins; while Mourvedre contributes structure and acidity. Crimson color with aromas of ripe berries & subtle spice on the nose. Tastes of sweet plum & black fruit with a hint of tobacco.

Oak: Heavy
Body: Medium-Full
Alcohol: 13%

This Australian Grenache/Shiraz/Mouvedre wine concentrate kit makes six gallons of delicious wine and include all the yeast, additives, and concentrate necessary. And while it is a little more expensive, the skins that come with this kit are well worth it, since fermenting with the skins adds a deep and complex character.

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