Alpet D2 Surface Sanitizer - Quart Spray Bottle


Gone in 60 seconds. Kills bacteria and wild yeast after a 60 second contact period! AlpetD2 surface sanitizer is a mixture of Isopropyl alcohol, water, and a residual bacterial killer, QUAT. In a one quart spray bottle, it's very handy to have on hand for sanitizing valves on conical fermenters, or anything else that need a quick sanitizing.

You do not need to rinse this sanitizer. The manufacturer recommends that you allow it to air dry.

Manufacturer Specifications: Safe for food contact surfaces, highly evaporative/no rinsing required, will not impart taste onto food, no dilution/no mistakes, non-corrosive to tools and metals, 60 second contact time, 2 year shelf life.