Stout Contest 2016


Let's hear it for everybody who attended Stout Contest 2016 Saturday night. With your help, we raised $1117 for the Dane County Humane Society! A huge thanks to our sponsors as well, who donated tons of great prizes.

Congratulations to Ross Harms, who took home Best in Show with his delicious Oatmeal Stout. Ross now gets to brew at One Barrel Brewing Company, so look for that on tap in a few months.

Congratulations to all our brewers, including the following award winners. Thanks everybody!

Best in Show - Ross Harms

People's Choice - Joe Mauritz

Dry Stout
1. Peter Schroder
2. Angela O'Connell
3. Kent Nimocks

Sweet Stout
1. Cory Frisch
2. Gretchen Ladd

Oatmeal Stout
1. Ross Harms
2. Taylor Beck
3. Don Pfau

Imperial Stout
1. Mark Checkai
2. Joe Mauritz
3. Dan Grupe

1. Nick Madaffer
2. Daryl Lamprey
3. Kevin Noltemeyer