Monroe Street Construction Plans

Starting March 12th, Monroe Street will be down to 1 inbound (Northeast, towards Camp Randall) lane only. To help keep you supplied with your precious winemaking and beermaking supplies, we have the following suggestions for you:

  • Utilize our 5 free parking spaces in the alley behind the Shop (accessible from either Harrison or Van Buren).
  • Use the public parking lot in the Trader Joe's building.
  • Use our free drop site at Working Draft Beer Co.
  • Take the bus or ride your bike to the Shop. We give 10% to people who participate in Bike Benefits!
  • Utilize free delivery within Madison city limits on orders of over $50.
  • Take a different route to and from the Shop.

To help you with travelling to and from the Shop, here are some alternate routes you can use:

Coming to the Shop from West

  • Odana or Nakoma > Monroe
  • Mineral Point > Glenway > Monroe
  • Regent > Spooner > Grant > Jefferson > Harrison > Alley to Parking Lot
Coming to the Shop from the South
  • Park > Drake > Grant > Jefferson > Harrison > Alley to Parking Lot
Coming from the East
  • Regent > Jefferson > Harrison > Alley to Parking Lot
Leaving the Shop heading West
  • Monroe > Regent > Mineral Point
  • Monroe > Randall > University Ave
Leaving the Shop heading South
  • Harrison > Jefferson > Grant > Drake > Park
  • Monroe > Regent > Park
  • Cut through Vilas Park to Fish Hatchery
Leaving the Shop heading East
  • Monroe > Regent
  • Monroe > Randall > University
  • Harrison > Jefferson > Grant > Drake > Park