Free Home Delivery

During the on-going COVID-19 health situation, to help people keep safe distances, the Wine and Hop Shop will offer free home delivery for online orders over $50 to customers who live in Madison city limits. 

There is a check box you can select in your shopping cart to indicate that you would like your order delivered. We will manually remove the shipping when we process the order.

We will be tweaking this system as we go along, but starting off we will have your items to you within 48 hours of ordering (assuming all items are in-stock). We hopefully will be able to get it to you more quickly. 

We will e-mail you delivery information. If you have questions, please e-mail us.

You are of course welcome to still come into the Shop. Rest assured we are taking extra precautions to stop any possible spread. And if you are not feeling well or believe you may have come in contact with someone who may have contracted the virus, please take advantage of our delivery service.